Bootcamp Day 1

During the bootcamp Day 1 – 16.1.2019 we had a fantastic experience with students participants.




Dear partner

Dear partner
EiT village (TDT4850) will run as an International Village from January 2018. The aim is to collaboratively identify and propose specific innovative solutions for achieving the desired Global Sustainability Goals, as defined by United Nations, thought ICT-enabled social innovation. To achieve its goals, this village will use resources provided by the single student, group, customers, village leaders.
If you are interesting in acting as a customer for EiT village (TDT4850) we kindly ask you to provide us with a description (max 1 page) of your organization and the challenge that you intend to propose to the students.
We will choose a set of challenge owners and the chosen ones will be invited to meet the students the first village day Wednesday 10th January.
Our experience tells that the results of these students projects are very useful to imagine and prototype new solutions (typically tools or processes) and better understanding of problems. Each group (of 5 or 6 persons) will work on your challenge one full day per week for 15 weeks. You have to estimate to allocate circa 40 hours for following up the group and participate to presentations and common meetings from January to April.
Reply to this email to me and Ilias (CC) with your contribution formatted as a word or PDF file before 1.12.2017
Kind regards
Letizia and Ilias