Welcome to Social Innovation Research and Education activities at The department of Computer Science of NTNU.

ICT-Enabled Social Innovation for Social Good

EiT village (TDT4850) will run as an International Village from January 2019. The aim is to collaboratively identify and propose specific innovative solutions for achieving the desired Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by United Nations, thought ICT-enabled social innovation. To achieve its goals, this village will use resources provided by the single student, group, customers, village leaders.

Opportunities in this village:

  • Collaborate  with students from other academic backgrounds. As a team, you will discuss and propose new challenges with students of different perspectives and skills.
  • Develop solutions to solve one or more specific UN´s sustainability goals

In this village students are encouraged to choose a set of tools and services to support the whole life cycle of their project.

  • Students will be able to choose one customer
  • Students will propose ideas to customers and manage the implementation of their proofs of concept.
  • Students will be able to freely involve relevant third parties in the process, such as NGOs they collaborate with.
  • Experts will be able to follow-up, evaluate and give feedback about the whole process.

Each student team may propose their solutions and invent their own project assignment as long as they stay within the given thematic area and end up delivering the required outcomes. It is preferable that students choose one customer.

This openness of the assignment is supposed to foster student creativity and a strong sense of ownership of the conceived project. Moreover, the open assignments make it easier for each team to define a project where every member is able to contribute their own expertise, regardless of which study program they come from.

The goal of the challenge within a village is to provide solutions to specific problems, there are no specific demands to develop products, although the team may do so if they wish.

We look for you who are interested in helping to tackle challenges for social good, and everyone who is interested in taking part in a social innovation process which involves a collaboration with citizens, public institutions, NGOs. The goal is to create teams of students with multidisciplinary profiles, who will be able to address societal challenges through collaborative thinking. In particular we look for students with background in:

  • Medicine
  • Health and social studies
    • Understanding, preventive medicine, health policy, mental, physical and social health
  • Social sciences
  • Psychology
    • Understanding of autism characteristics and how they are met by society
  • Teacher Education
    • Understanding, teaching and learning
  • Technology (Engineering)
  • Architecture and Art
  • ICT – Many improvements and solutions include technological and mechanical aid
  • Social economics