Village leaders

letizia.jpgLetizia started to lead Experts in Team (EiT) Village in 2003 and has supervised more than 10 villages during the years. She believes that the EiT pedagogical approach that is based on interdisciplinary, independent and creative student work is beneficial for students’ knowledge and growth. Letizia has more than twenty years’ experience with IT projects in education, research, industry, and public sector and she tries to combine the four perspectives for the benefit of the students, who should always be the focus of all activities at university.


Orges Cico holds a MSc in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy and is currently a PhD student at NTNU. Orges research topic involves Software Engineering and Innovative Tech Startup models. His previous research is in Cloud Computing for Business Solutions and Cloud Software Reliability concerning Fault Tolerant Techniques.